SUN ELK is a rock band from Flagstaff AZ. Our songs are pure Americana at it's best, complete with imagery and references to horses, barns, camp outs, and dusty bars. We follow the story teller's tradition in our song writing style. In our songs the listener is taken down a dusty dirt road with two Bonnie and Clyde characters on the run, they look out the window of a train and reflect on their life as a prairie passes by, and they ride through the night on horseback as the moon comes up over the hill.  There are also ample references to nature in our songs. The listener knows exactly what season it is, what the weather is outside, and if snow has been falling or if leaves are falling off of trees. Come take a musical journey with us!

We have been playing music around Flagstaff since 2015. The band is made up of Ted Martinez on rhythm guitar and vocals, Taylor Joyal on lead guitar, Eric Estrada on bass, and Chris Lamendola on drums. We are influenced by Wilco, Whiskey Town, Gillian Welch, The Grateful Dead, and the Allman Brothers. For us music has been more of an experiment and an experience than an end point. 

We have just recorded our first album entitled Thick as Thieves and features nine original songs with one hidden track. Check out our latest shows and music, also sign up for our mailing list. 

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you at a show!

Chris Lamendola, drums; Eric Estrada, bass; Taylor Joyal, lead guitar; Ted Martinez, vocals rhythm guitar